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Who am I?

Having started, scaled, mentored, and invested in a number of different companies, I've learned first-hand how to achieve and maintain explosive growth, with a focus in:






" Listen in a way that people want to speak. Speak in a way that people want to listen. "

Co-founded OnePiece Work, grew revenue by 6150% in 2.5 years

Co-founded Contento, grew revenue by 2900% in 1.5 years

One of two employees in the company's 30 year history to never miss quota.

Things I can Help with:

Scaling up and Scaling Out
Business Strategy
Raising Capital
Sales (Process & Story)
Marketing & Branding
High Value Connections
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My Goal is Simple:

To help you grow your business and create incredible experiences for your customers.

Things I excel at:

My specialties are scaling teams, generating revenue and building a community in a foundation of empathy. I genuinely enjoy helping people be the best version of themselves.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Sometimes we get trapped in this fear-based thinking, a cycle of worry about judgement. It’s the reptilian brain that operates on self-preservation. 
That’s opposite to the creative flow state. Instead, how about empowering others rather than controlling everything.

Expert advice

No matter the space, there are consistencies with channels, the kind of content articulated, and 

Financial Forecasting and Analysis  

Preparing for a fundraise (or even just getting your accounting processes in order) takes focus and expertise to get right.  

World Class Network 

Tap Into our world-class network of investors, entrepreneurs, decision makers, and subject matter experts.  

Powerful Analytics 

Setting up different systems to capture the correct data makes decision making considerably easier.  Cost per Click?  Average Revenue per Customer?  Life Time Value? Setting up correct channels (Google Analytics, Cyfe, Contento, etc) will create the foundation of the growth conversation


  • Johannes Castner - Co-Founder & CEO – CollectiWise

    Nick was the one who gave me the confidence to start my company instead of just looking for another job and then he went all out for me to make things happen and he never stopped since.  Without him I’d be working in some job somewhere and I would never have had the guts to go into business; it just wasn’t the way that I was thinking, prior to meeting Nick

  • Shlok Joshi – Founder – Bern

    Nick is someone that goes out of his way to ensure you succeed. He always has your back and is the one guy I recommend you know if you are an entreprenuer.


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 A Journey of Successes & Failures

A highly professional team of international advisors qualified in the best institutions around the world. We also organize monthly trainings and seminars for the financial agents to keep the finger on pulse of industry recent trends.

A Stellar Network

Of Some of the Brightest Minds in the Valley

Everybody has a their own perspective of success and achievements, but the frank feedback and success stories from our clients never fail to impress and trigger a desire to chase your goals.


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CONSTA agrees that knowledge is power and believes in the constant striving to acheive it. That's why we organize seminars, where our speakers share their experience with anyone interested in financial growth.

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